“Alex and I first became friends 5 years ago when I met him and his brother Sam at a bike show. During the middle of 2013 Alex asked me if I would manage him. I had been asked before by loads of other riders to manage them and my answer was always NO. I could never help anyone I didn’t believe in or I didn’t have the commitment I had when I raced. Alex was different! His ability and commitment is off the scale I have 100 % belief that he will become world champion one day. It’s my job to help him all I can. It’s an absolute pleasure to be involved on this exciting journey with Alex and the rest of the personal team.”


Rider Assistant


“I first got to know Alex as a competitor in 2009/10, then in 2011 we were team mates and we became good friends. I’ve had many team mates over the years and it didn’t take long to realise he had the talent and commitment to be a champion which he proved in 2013 by winning the BSB championship. I help Alex with all aspects of his racing, from his riding and race set up, to traveling and riding kit. Alex has a fantastic team around him and we are thoroughly looking forward to carrying on working together this season.”


Personal Trainer


“Having worked with Alex for some length of time, I was delighted that he was winner of the British Superbike Championship in 2013, what I believe to be the first of many championships he will go on to win. We work through structured cardiovascular and strength training regimes which enable Alex to be fit and focused when on the bike, as a result not only will he improve physically but most importantly psychologically which in turn will help his focus throughout a race or test, the mental strength is gained not only through the physical work but most importantly by talking through different scenarios!! Alex has always been and continues to be a pleasure to work with.”

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